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PJ Anders Linder

PJ Anders Linder

Varför har Socialdemokraterna så stora problem? En viktig ledtråd finns, enligt min mening, i den nedanstående analysen. Jag har hämtat den från Tony Blairs färska memoarbok A Journey (Hutchinson), där den står på sidan 41.

[A]ll progressive movements have to beware their own success. The progress they make reinvents the society they work in, and they must in turn reinvent themselves to keep up, otherwise they become hollow echoes from a once loud, strong voice, reverberating still, but to little effect. As their consequence diminishes, so their dwindling adherents become ever more shrill and strident, more solicitous of protecting their own shrinking space rather than understanding that the voice of the times has moved on and they must listen before speaking. It happens in all organisations. It is fatal to those who are never confronted by a reckoning that forecs them to face up and get wise. The new leaders of the unions tended to ape the old, but in a context so changed that it became increasingly pointless except in maintaing the morale of those who just wanted to carry on as they were.

Det här väcker tankar inte bara om relationen mellan SAP och LO utan också om hur nära sammantvinnad S-identiteten är med industrisamhällets stora kollektiv och kollektiva modeller: avtalsrörelser, folkrörelser, miljonprogramsområden, landsting. Orkar S bryta upp och tänka nytt? Det kan bli en av eftervalsdiskussionens stora frågor.