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Gallup rapporterar att president Obamas State of the Union-tal påverkat bilden av honom positivt:

Less than a week after President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress, his job approval rating reached 50% in Gallup Daily tracking conducted Friday through Sunday. This is the first time the president’s rating has returned to that level in Gallup’s ongoing three-day rolling averages since June 2013.

Oavsett vad man tycker om innehållet i talet – där har jag åtskilliga frågetecken – så var det ett retoriskt lysande tal.

Maureen Dowd ställde diagnosen väl i söndagens NYT:

Our sleek, techie president, whose battery dies faster than an iPhone’s, was fully charged Tuesday night for the State of the Union.

He was so puffed up, with such a bristling sense of self, that it was hard to believe this was the same guy who spent the last year clenched like a fist, beset by ISIS, beheadings and Ebola, shunned by his own party and slammed by the other party in the fall election.

The murmur went up from grateful Democrats gathered at the Capitol: “Wow, he’s got a pulse.”

Proving once again that he is a different kind of cat, Barack Obama is oddly pumped by his party’s defeat. Even in the House chamber, surrounded by hundreds of people and watched by millions, he seemed to delight in his detachment as he laid down his own markers to drive up his own numbers.

He doesn’t mind splendid isolation. He really thinks it’s splendid.


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