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PJ Anders Linder

PJ Anders Linder

EPP skickade just ut ett citat från den ungerska premiärministern:

Direct quote from Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány
at a Hungarian Socialist Party caucus meeting
26 May 2006

”There is not much choice. There is not, because we fu..ed it. Not a little, a lot. No European country has done something as boneheaded as we have.
One can have explanations, of course. Evidently we lied throughout the lasts year-and-a-half, two years. It was totally clear that what we are saying is not true.
We passed so much beyond the country’s capabilities that we couldn’t have imagined that the coalition of the Hungarian Socialist Party and the Liberals could ever achieve that. And in the meantime we haven’t done anything for four years! Nothing!
You cannot quote any significant government measure we can be proud of, other than at the end we managed to bring the Government back from sh..t. Nothing! If we have to give account to the country about what we did for four years, then what do…..”

Plöstligt ter sig varenda fp-funktionär som en glad amatör.