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PJ Anders Linder

PJ Anders Linder

En vänlig läsare har sänt mig ett exemplar av den fascinerande tidningen The Daily Monitor, publicerad i Addis Abeba den 10/2 2005 (ej on line).

På sid 6-7 publiceras en uppslagsannons (under överrubriken ”Press Release”) från nordkoreanska staten. Från denna annons kommer följande citat:

”In May 2001 a top-level delegation of the European Union visited the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). At that time the leader (Kim Jong Il) met the delegation and talked with them candidly. Fascinated by his personality, Goran Person, who was then the President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Sweden, extolled him, calling him a well-read, qualified leader, an open-minded and unceremonious man, a faultless leader who is well versed in everything and endowed with the best possible qualities, and the most admirable of all the leaders he had so far met.”

Ännu mer beundransvärd än både Lars-Eric Lövdén och Bosse Ringholm. Wow! Det här får ändå kungens artigheter i Brunei att te sig ganska bleka.