Martin Gelin i New York

Martin Gelin

Martin Gelin

Wow, har nog aldrig sett Obama så märkbart arg och irriterad – kanske sårad? – som just nu, på presskonferens om Wright (finns just nu, på, osv, ad infinitum).


Fox News tablå i går kväll (via Sullivan):

Obama Rejects Wright Comments
Says pastor doesn’t speak for him, campaign
Democratic presidential candidate puts distance between his campaign and pastor’s latest statements

Special Report w/ Brit Hume:
Fact-checking one of the claims made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The O’Reilly Factor:
The comeback of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Hannity & Colmes:
Huckabee’s Take
Former GOP presidential candidate weighs in on Rev. Wright; McCain’s campaign

VIDEO: FOX News contributor Michael Steele on the message of Rev. Wright’s media tour

OPINIONS: Susan Estrich: Who Needs Friends Like the Rev. Wright?

John Moody: Memo to Rev. Wright: Do Souls Have Colors?

On the Record w/ Greta:
Deadly Shark Attack
Expert explains what led to Great White’s attack on swimmer

Favorit i repris: Kelefa Sannehs briljanta artikel om Wright.