Martin Gelin i New York

Martin Gelin

Martin Gelin

I morgon eftermiddag kommer jag att sitta på Union Square Ballroom och prata lite om varför musik, mot alla odds, har en framtid.
Löfte: jag tänker inte nämna Radiohead.


Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West, New York City
October 18, 2007

4:10 – 5:30 pm
Panel V: For the Love of Music –
Keeping Optimism Alive in the Current Climate

• Today’s industry mood: What is going on?
• Reality check: Why should we talk about optimism?
• What makes the Swedish scene tick?
• Who wins and who loses in today’s music market?
• Is it harder or easier to succeed as an artist today?
• Is Sweden more prone to a music industry crash than other countries/markets?

Michael Endelman
Martin Gelin
Rich McLaughlin
Anthony Volodkin