The Afghanistan independent Election Commission announced on Sunday 10 percent of the votes cast in 26 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, more results are still to come as the counting process continues , The electoral complaints commission of Afghanistan has already received more than 3 000 complaints of possible fraud in the election day according to electoral complaints commission of Afghanistan 870 instances of fraud had been classified as serious enough to affect the outcome of the April 5 election, more than the 815 recorded in 2009 presidential election.

The first official report of partial results from the Afghan presidential election showed Dr. Abdullah Abdullah winner with 41.9 percent, Dr. Ashraf Ghani second with 37.6 percent. A third candidate, Zalmay Rassoul, backed by president Karzai himself, trailed far behind with 9.8 percent.The two candidates Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani appeared to be leading a race in which a runoff election was increasingly certain.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said in one of his recent tv interviews “everyone is talking with everyone”. It clearly shows that he is talking with other presidential candidate to join him and defeat Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai in the 2nd round of the election. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah knows very well how to use his communication skills to attract more candidates toward him, he is half tajik and half pashton and  that will attract him more votes and support from both pashton and tajik tribes in Afghanistan in the 2nd round of election.

Ashraf Ghani Ahamadzai is however not so much a good diplomat and are weak when it comes to attract other candidate to join him and gain their votes. On the other side Dr. Zalmay Rassoul seems already unconfident about the partial election result even though the results are not yet completely announced. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has already confirmed his meeting with Dr. Zalmay Rasoul but he didn’t talk about the details. However the signals shows that Dr. Zalmay Rasoul gladly will be favouring Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the 2nd round of election and that will earn Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Afghan presidency.

Afghanistan’s allies praised the April 5 vote as a success because of a high turnout, estimated at 60 percent of 12 million eligible voters and the failure of the Taliban to stage high-profile attacks. But widespread fraud could undermine the legitimacy of an election meant to usher in Afghanistan’s first democratic transfer of power, as Karzai steps down after more than 12 years in power and as Western forces prepare to leave.

ZULMAY AFZALI är före detta regeringstjänsteman i Afghanistan, flykting i Sverige sedan tre år, lärare och författare.