Per Gudmundson

Per Gudmundson

Den smutsiga historien om EU-kommissionären Dalli som fick lämna sin post, efter misstanken att han föreslagit en muta för att påverka snusförbudet i EU, har den goda bieffekten att det bisarra förbudet uppmärksammas även utomlands.

Idag skriver The Independent om snusfrågan, med särskilt fokus på den kamp som förs av EU-parlamentarikern Christofer Fjellner (M).

”As part of his campaign to make the sale of snus legalised, the fresh-faced Swedish MEP stocks up on a supply of the moist, brown powder every time he flies home to bring back with him to the Belgian capital. Once he’s landed, word quickly spreads among Scandinavian devotees who rush to his premises to pick up €4 cans of their sticky vice, which they place in pouches under their top lips to absorb into their bloodstream.

’I kept some in my office for private use and some friends used to knock and ask if I had some to sell them,’ Mr Fjellner, 35, told The Independent. ’After a while I thought it would be a fun prank to start selling it. So I bought a small refrigerator, and I started to bring more boxes back with me. Nowadays I have 10 or 15 regular customers, most of them Swedish. There is a bit of disobedience to it – consciously to break the law but be willing to take the consequences for it,´ he admits.

He doesn’t know what the maximum punishment would be if he was arrested, but he says with a laugh: ’It would make for an interesting court case.'”