Per Gudmundson

Per Gudmundson

För ungefär ett år sedan skrev Klas Kärrstrand och Michael Jonsson en hyggligt kort men belysande artikel i Jane’s intelligence review om Sveriges problem med att tackla terrorismfinansiering. Här finns både historisk bakgrund, genomgång av de mest kända fallen samt en fingervisning om var Sveriges system brister.

Ett utdrag (tyvärr finns ingen tid att översätta):

”Following the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US, Sweden
has increased its efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist
financing. However, evaluations have repeatedly identified shortcomings in
its financial regulatory system. A joint study commissioned in 2005 by all
the agencies working with combating money laundering in Sweden
estimated that in 2003 an equivalent of USD140 million or more was
transferred out of Sweden
via alternative money transmitters, beyond the control of Swedish
financial regulatory organs. This was also how Berzengi and Abdulla
transferred some of the funds they collected to Iraq.
The Financial Supervisory Agency’s unit for dealing with anti-money
laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) was badly
undermanned at the time and did not have the right to carry out
unannounced onsite inspections to such alternative money transmitters,
making the risk of legal consequences fairly negligible.

An extensive evaluation of the AML/CFT regulatory framework by the
Financial Action Task Force published in February 2006 arrived at similar
conclusions. Sweden
was only fully compliant with six of the 40 recommendations and was found
to be non-compliant with the important recommendation on wire transfers.
The number of prosecutions on charges of money laundering is also
surprisingly low: three in 2004 and 14 in 2005. These findings were echoed
by a recently released report from the Swedish Financial Supervisory
Agency (Finansinspektionen), in which the Swedish banking sector is found
to be the sector closest to live up to its obligations in terms of
combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Other financial
sectors were criticised for their failure in that regard.

However, recently Swedish authorities have increased their efforts to
combat money” laundering and terrorist financing significantly.”