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Janerik Larsson

Janerik Larsson


Daily Telegraph konstaterar i en ledare att även om världen ser annorlunda ut idag än 1939 kvarstår hot mot civilisationen:

This week marked two anniversaries: the liberation of Auschwitz and the funeral of Winston Churchill. The first represents the sum of all evils. In the concentration camps, prejudice allied with industrial efficiency in an effort to destroy whole peoples. The result was something akin to Hell on Earth. The anniversary of Churchill’s funeral, on the other hand, evoked a sad occasion. But it also offered an opportunity to reflect upon the spirit that helped liberate those camps – the spirit of moral resistance. Long before others reached the same conclusion, Churchill recognised the threat that Nazism posed to civilisation and tried to persuade his countrymen to fight it. Like many a prophet, he was ignored. But he was eventually proven right.

The world is now very different to how it was in 1939: it is wealthier, more stable and, we hope, more enlightened. But threats to civilisation still exist. Radical Islamism, like Nazism before it, is making territorial demands. In the Middle East it controls significant parts of Iraq and the Levant. In West Africa, it has carved out a kingdom in north-eastern Nigeria. Like Nazism, it imposes its vile philosophy upon its conquered peoples. Women are second-class citizens, “heretics” forced to convert, hostages murdered, sexual minorities and other “sinners” executed. And, as with the Nazis, Western democracy is seen as an enemy – hence the jihadists’ efforts to undermine this country and others via terrorism and the propagation of hate. One result – and another unwelcome reminder of the Thirties – is the revival of anti-Semitism. 

Daily Telegraph

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